How To Use Chat GPT to Write a Resume

If you’re in the search of a new job. You may be thinking if Chat GPT could help you with this process.

After all, Chat GPT has helped many people with many other aspects of living. From writing blog posts, writing YouTube video scripts, business ideas, and more.

You may be wondering if Chat GPT could help you craft the perfect resume. The answer is yes.

Below we will go over the step by step process that you could use Chat GPT in order to make your resume better.

Get The Job Applications And Copy The Requirements

First things first, you should be applying for a job you’re qualified for. This is because we’re not going to get Chat GPT to lie for your updated resume. We’re just going to be using a little bit of reverse engineering.

What we’re going to do is copy a few different job descriptions, for jobs you’re qualified for, and enter them into Chat GPT.

You’re going to write the prompt, “I want to create a resume, can you remember the details of these job descriptions to help me”.

Chat GPT will then answer, saying yes. On top the next step.

Write Down All Of Your Possible Skills

The next step is to write down all of your possible skills.

This is a process where you really need to sit down and think. Don’t rush the process because doing this the right way will gives the best possible results when it comes to your new resume.

It could be things like:

  • Organization Skills
  • Being able to do good work on excel
  • & More

Write an extensive list.

The Ultimate Resume Prompt

Last but not least, it’s time for the ultimate resume prompt. What you’re going to do is enter in all your skills into Chat GPT following with a prompt that says.

“Take the job descriptions above and mix them with my skills to create an organized, and efficient resume, that will increase my chances of getting a job for those job descriptions. Don’t copy any words from the descriptions. Make it unique. Break it down into bullet points and paragraphs which will make it easy to copy and paste into a Canva document, where I can then start sending it out via Indeed and other job sites.”

This prompt will give you great feed back.

Just make sure like any other a.i content, that you take a few minutes to read it back and change anything that you may not like.

Here is one simple Canva template you’d be able to copy your results into:

The Importance Of Updating Your Resume Here and There

There are may different trends in every industry. Now, with AI things are changing even more rapidly. That’s why it’s important to change your resume up and update it to match the new landscape of what new requirements your potential jobs require.

There’s no better way to do than by taking the actual job description, and incorporating the needed skills into your resume.

Like we stated above, just be sure to not lie. You should know every single skill you list on there.

How To Use Chat GPT to Write a Resume
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