Can You Use a Rental Car For Doordash? (What You Need To Know)

Doordash is a food delivery service that allows customers to order from restaurants and have the food delivered to your home.

Working for Doordash is a popular gig and a good way to earn some extra money on the side and is a reliable side hustle for many.

If you’re looking into being a dasher, you may be wondering if you could use a rental car to drive for Doordash.

This article will give you everything you need to know regarding rental cars and Doordash!

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Here’s the short answer about using a rental car for Doordash:

If you want to use a rental car for Doordash, you definitely can. There are some things to consider when doing so and we will go over those things in this blog post!

Pros Of Using a Rental Car For Doordash:

Unlimited Miles:

Rental cars are not limited by mileage like your personal car is. This means that you can drive as much as needed without having to worry about how many miles you’ve driven.

Rental Cars Are Reliable:

Another pro of using a rental car for Doordash (or any other service) is reliability, especially when working on-demand jobs.

Because most rental cars are usually newer cars, using a rental could give you less to worry about knowing there’s a low probability that the car will break down on you.

You Don’t Need To Maintain Rental Cars:

Rental cars are maintained by the rental company themselves. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding maintenance, so you can just focus on making money!

Cons Of Using a Rental Car With Doordash:

You Don’t Own It:

The main con of using a rental car as your personal vehicle is that you don’t own it. When you own a car the cost per day goes down significantly.

Higher Cost:

As stated above, if you own a car, the cost per day is much cheaper.

If you want to use a rental car for Doordash it will be more expensive!

Can’t Smoke In The Car:

Another con is that a rental car cannot be used to smoke in. This isn’t a big deal for some, but if you prefer smoking during deliveries then it may not be the best option for you!

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How Much Does a Rental Car Cost On Average Per Week?

A rental car can be anywhere between $175-$300 per week, depending on the type of vehicle and location.

Which Rental Company Is Best For Doordash?: Hertz

Hertz is the best company to use for Doordash in our opinion for these reasons.


Hertz has the most locations across the United States.


When you are driving for Doordash, there’s no mileage limit so you don’t have to worry about how far you drive (with the exception of equating the money you’ll earn per mile).

Exclusive Rates For Doordash Drivers:

Hertz has an exclusive Doordash rates which makes it even more worth it to work with Hertz.

Maintenance Included:

Hertz also includes maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything regarding the car’s condition.

Things to Consider When Using a Rental Car For Doordash

How Often You Will Be Driving:

If you only drive a couple hours per week, it probably won’t be worth it. The price of the car rental may be more than the amount of money you’re making per week.

If you’re confident you can make up to $1000 per week, then renting a car could be a good decision.

Keep An Eye On Money You Earn Per Day:

How much you earn per day is important, you need to evaluate the amount of time you put in and see how much you earn per day doing Doordash.

If you’re only making $50 per day profit, and your rent costs $70 per day and you don’t have time for anything else. It would be worth considering another side hustles so you can make the best out of your time.

Take Advantage Of Loyalty Programs:

Hertz and other rental companies have pretty decent loyalty programs, if you rent from them often they will offer special discounts and benefits. This can help increase your monthly income.

Use a Credit Card With Rewards

Using a credit card to pay for the rental that offers rewards may be a great idea. Although you’re paying more for a rental you will be earning more cash back.

Using a debit card won’t give you any rewards back.

Other Questions and Concerns When It Comes To Driving a Rental For Doordash

How Do You Go About Car Insurance?

Usually when you get a rental car you get covered automatically, but when using for Doordash it’s important to check if you have to purchase additional insurance for when you make deliveries.

What Other Rental Companies Can You Use For Doordash?

Hyrecar – HyreCar is a service which allows you to rent cars from private owners. Hyrecar has good rates for Doordash drivers, but it can be difficult renting out the car if there are no available dates left on the calendar.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Rental Car?

Usually, it takes a few days to get the car. However, if you need one as soon as possible then you should call and speak with someone who can help expedite your rental process.

Tip: The earlier in advance you place the order for the car, the better the price. Keep this in mind when you’re going to choose the option to use a rental car.

Can You Use a Rental Car For Uber and Uber Eats?

Yes. You can use a rental car for Uber or Uber Eats if you are eligible to drive with both companies!

Can You Use a Rental Car For Lyft?

Yes Lyft offers a rental program called Express Drive. You can rent a car from Lyft and drive for Lyft at the same time!

Can You Use a Rental Car For Postmates?

It’s possible to use a rental car for Postmates as well.

Can You Use a Rental Car For Instacart?

Yes you can use a rental car for Instacart and many rental companies actually offer good discounts for Instacart employees including Avis, Hertz and Enterprise.


I hope this blog post answered all the questions you had about whether or not you can rent a car for Doordash. If it didn’t, then please leave me comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions!

For more information about Doordash, visit their website.

If you would like to look into doing Doordash with a rental visit the Hertz website!

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