Writing SEO Meta Descriptions With Chat GPT

Chat GPT could be our assistant with really whatever we want. If you have your own blog, writing meta descriptions is important when it comes to increasing your CTR (Click-Through Rate). 

In this short blog post, we will go over how to craft the best meta descriptions using Chat GPT. This way, when you’re done writing your blog post, you don’t have to think further on what to write in the meta description.

What Makes a Good Meta Description?

A good meta description is one that is highly relevant to the post you created, but also creates urgency. Being that you only could fit that criteria within 155 characters, you need to be efficient within how you come up with them. Here is our prompt for the very best meta description possible:

ConciseKeep the meta description short and within the character limit (typically around 155-160).
RelevanceEnsure the meta description accurately reflects the content of the page or post.
UniqueCraft unique meta descriptions for each page to avoid duplicate content issues.
KeywordsInclude relevant keywords to increase the chances of appearing in relevant search results.
Call to ActionUse action-oriented language to create urgency and encourage clicks to the page.
Value PropositionClearly communicate the benefits or value readers can expect from visiting the page.
Clear and EngagingWrite a compelling description that entices users and captures their attention.
Proper GrammarUse correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to ensure clarity and professionalism.

The Prompt We Use To Create Meta Descriptions

Create a meta description for the blog post below. the description needs to be within 155 characters, communicate the relevance of the post, include relevant keywords, and also create urgency for people possibly interested in the topic, use second person language:

Here is the result we got for our blog post called, “How to Use ChatGPT for Brainstorming Profitable Business Ideas“.

“Unlock profitable business ideas with ChatGPT! Harness AI to brainstorm, set goals, and create a structured plan. Start now!”

As you could see, Chat GPT gives you a concise meta description with all the criteria we have set to make a great meta description. It communicates the relevance of the post, sets a sense of urgency, and is within 155 characters.


Gone are the days where you have to perform all the little tasks that go along with promoting your blog posts, including meta descriptions. If you have any other ways you like to utilize Chat GPT for your blog, write them below.

Writing SEO Meta Descriptions With Chat GPT

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