What is a Good Speed On Instacart? (Explained)

Instacart is a great way to make some extra money. If you move fast enough you can make a lot of money. In this blog post we will go over what a good shopping speed is on and tips to possibly be even faster this way you could maximize your income an instacart shopper.

How does Instacart work?

Instacart is a grocery delivery company with operations in US and Canada. The business has over 350 stores nationally and locally. It boasts a rating of 4.8 stars from 352,000 reviews on Apple’s App Store and 4.5 on Google Play from over 29,000. The company now works with Wegmans, Safeways, CVS Kroger, Costco and Aldi to provide services to the consumer. The app is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps available and has over 3803,000 reviews on the iOS website and apps stores.

How do I become a shopper for Instacart?

Instacart shoppers can apply for an In Store Shopper role through the Shopper app or online. Full Services Shopper Applications can be submitted directly to the application or online. The application must be received in person and attended based on your form in an area nearby. Each week new sessions can be added daily and new sessions can be added to the app every week. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment you are strongly encouraged to cancel or refund your old sessions time if it’s too late to go to the store or register an existing account.

Answer To The Question What is A Good Speed On Instacart:

The way speed is measured is by a metric called seconds per item. This is the amount of seconds it takes per item throughout your delivery.

What Is Considered a Good Seconds Per Item?

As an Instacart shopper anything under 100 Seconds per item is considered to be a good shopping speed on Instacart (although most people’s total speed is much faster). The speed is important from a money making standpoint but the number one thing you should focus on is being able to satisfy customers.

The last thing you want to do is go so fast you end up having missing items.

What Are Some Ways To Increase Your Speed On Instacart?

There are several ways to increase your speed on Instacart. The most important thing is to pay attention when you’re in the store and watching the timer and your app (see more about this below).

Stay organized:

Stay organized to stay efficient. When approaching the store it helps to plan out where you’re going before you go inside. Knowing what aisle everything is on will save a lot of time and keep your stress levels down because then you know where everything is ahead of time.

Don’t Hit The Start Shopping Button Until You Get In The Store

Don’t hit start until you actually start to shop. If you hit the button while you’re in the car they will take that extra time into consideration when accounting for your shopping speed.

Move With a Sense Of Purpose:

Once you’ve started to shop move with a sense of purpose. Don’t run or frantically search for products but also don’t go super slow either.

Start With Smaller Batches:

If you’re a new Instacart Shopper starting with smaller batches is good so you can get more efficient slowly but surely.

Create a list of the customer’s made to order deli items:

Give this list to the deli and come back for it when you get done shopping for all the other items. This alone will really help with your shopping speed because you won’t be standing around for a long period of time waiting.

Get efficient at checking out:

Good checkout speed is definitely important. Getting fast with bagging could be the difference of making minimum wage and $20 per hour.

Our Thoughts on Shopping Speed

Now that you know all about Instacart speed and how fast you should be going it’s important to keep in mind that you need to focus on the customer first.

Doing things like checking to see if the item they want is in stock and other thoughtful things like that will make the customer happy. No one likes ordering groceries only to find out they didn’t get one important item to their dinner recipe that night.

Communicating with them all through the process and doing things right will help you make up for lack of speed with better tips.

Other Questions:

Can Instacart be a full time job?

Depending on your location some people can work for Instacart full time because of high demand. For the most part though, Instacart is just a great side hustle.

What other factors are important when working for Instacart?

Other than checkout speed, rating and acceptance rate are very important.


In this blog post we’ve gone over what a good speed is, as well as tips to be even faster. It’s important to take your time and do everything right the first time. This is so that you can make more money by working less hours. The last thing you want is customers not getting their groceries in a timely manner because of bad service from yourself!

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What is a Good Speed On Instacart? (Explained)
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