Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face (Examples)

A lot of people want to start youtube channels but the only problem is they think they have to show their face within their youtube videos. Most people don’t know you don’t have to show your face in order to make money with youtube. In this blog post we will go over different youtube video ideas without showing your face.

Explainer videos with stock footage

One of the most popular types of videos on youtube are explainer videos. These videos use images, text and/or free stock videos to explain products or service in a clear and concise manner to its viewers. There’s no reason why you can’t make money with these type of videos without having your face be within it. If you’re looking for stock footage that is royalty free then check out Pond5. By using a combination of your imagination and high quality graphics this could turn into a great way to monetize your youtube channel.

Top List Videos

Top list videos are short but sweet. They show a top 3 or top 5 lists about all sorts of different topics. The nice thing is because these type of videos don’t take too much time and effort and you can use screenshots and/or graphics to make your top 10 list. If you’re looking for powerpoint templates check out Graphic River, they have royalty free slides that can be used in your youtube channel.

You have to make sure your content isn’t repitive and you go out of your way to make sure the content you produce is high quality. Once you do that, the possibilities are endless with the different youtube channel ideas without showing your face.

Gaming Channel

A lot of people don’t know that you can monetize your gaming channel. There are a couple different ways you can make money from a gaming channel but the most popular is displaying pre-roll ads before each of your youtube videos or having a banner ad under each one of them. Make sure the banners aren’t too big because if they’re too big it will interfere with the actual game being played on screen because it takes up a large portion of the video itself.

How To Videos and DIY videos

These types of videos are another popular type of video on youtube. You can just create a quick video and capture your screen if you’re trying to show how a service works.

Another DIY video idea is to video a table from up above and show the thing you want to teach people that way.

Cooking videos

A lot of people take pictures of their cooking dishes to share with other people on social media. So why not just create a quick video instead? You can show how to cook things step by step and all you need is your phone or camera to do it.


If you post your own animation videos that you created and the content is educational or gives value you are definitely able to monetize this channel without showing your face.

You can even pay for a license to get amazing whiteboard animation videos but you have to make sure you’re able to monetize the ones you pay for.

Reaction Videos

There are a lot of people who make reaction videos on Youtube and make a lot of money. It can be reacting to new music, financial news or anything like that. As long as you add value to the footage you’re reacting to you can definitely make money without showing your face.

Unboxing & Reviews

If you unbox and review different types of products on your youtube channel these can definitely be monetized without showing your face.

A good example for this would be tech channels that reveal new phones, laptops etc. The biggest channels like this are Unbox Therapy and MKBHD.

Sports videos

You can even make money from sports videos on your youtube channel if you have a lot of subscribers and the content is giving value to it’s viewers.

An example would be to go over game 5 of the nba finals and go over each important play in detail.


You can make money with meditation videos but it’s not as easy as getting free relaxing music and uploading it. You have to add value. If the videos consist of your own footage instead of stock footage as well as affirmations that you record yourself this will increase your chances greatly.

The amount of people who just upload sounds to try and be monetized has gotten out of control and youtube has really cracked down on this.


A lot of people make videos going over luxury topics . Luxury cars, watches, clothes etc. If you’re able to cover these types of topics and add value you can get monetized for sure.

Nail Art

Nail Art videos are very popular on YouTube and there’s no need for you to be in the videos. All you need to do is show your hand and then show the nail art on your nails. This is easy enough for anyone to do and you can get a lot of views on these videos if they’re high quality.

Compilation of clips, memes etc.

Compilation videos are another good way for you to make money without showing your face.

You can do anything from memes, funny clips and moments to pop culture compilations.

The one thing you need to do is do a voice over reacting to these compilations otherwise you will not be able to monetize these kinds of videos.

Podcast Videos With Your Own Image

You can do this by having your voice recorded separately and posting it to your Youtube channel. For example, if you did a podcast video on the topic of fitness you could record your voice over it while also taking screenshots that go along with the content you’re talking about in order to maximize views.

Income Report Videos

People are hungry for knowledge about how the top entrepreneurs make money online. If you can record an income report it will be monetized as long as you give value to your viewers with the content of the video.

Travel Videos

It is a popular travel category on YouTube videos. Use one of your cameras take beautiful photos of places and create an enjoyable video. You may also use drone photos if you wish to video the places that you have visited. Travel is a popular category on YouTube.

Don’t Cover Things That Violate The Youtube Policies

If you’re going to produce a video that could violate the youtube policies just don’t do it.

Don’t talk about drugs, guns, sex and violence because this is not allowed and your channel will be demonetized. It’s as simple as not doing these kinds of videos.

What Are Some Resources You Can Use To Make Videos Without Showing Your Face?

There are so many resources out there such as Adobe Premiere Pro for post-editing and Camtasia if you want to record videos of your screen.

You can also use Screenflow software which can be very helpful because it will allow you to focus the video on certain parts of your screen.

If you don’t have a lot to get started with all you need is a smart phone and head phones in order to speak into the mic for your video.

Below Is a List Of Successful Youtube Channels That Don’t Show Their Face.


WatchMojo is one of the most popular channels on YouTube currently. Their videos consist of video games, movies, actors and actresses etc.

They are monetized through Google Adsense as well as sponsored content that they create.


Sakitech covers tips and tricks you can use on your smart phone as well as other products.

They have a very high subscriber count and they are monetized.

King Luxury

In this channel you learn about the most expensive houses, watches and other cool things about luxury. This is another popular channel that’s monetized.


Tasty is a channel that shows different recipes and cooking techniques.

This channel is monetized and although it doesn’t feature the host face you can still watch and enjoy the contents of this channel.

As you can see there are channels that don’t show their faces which means you can do it too.

Why haven’t you started your YouTube channel?

You can start a youtube channel today to join the 1 billion other people who have started one as well.

Now you know that showing your face isn’t something you have to do you can get started with your dream of making money on youtube.

Eventually after making videos without showing your face your confidence may grow and you could then start branching out into other channels where you actually show your face. It’s all about just getting started.

Many successful youtubers started without showing their face and built up to the point of eventually showing their face.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and start to create awesome videos.

What do you think? Did this article help you? If so please share it on social media so others can see it as well. Thanks for reading! Also if you have any more ideas or tips of your own I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face (Examples)
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