About Society of Side Hustle

We are a company that does reviews on different side hustles. We hope to provide people with the knowledge they need in order to be successful, whether it is their own side hustle or someone else’s. The goal of our website is to help others find out how much money certain jobs pay and what skills you need for them.

About Myself

My name is Jonathan Davis. I’ve been doing and researching side hustles since the online world started.

Below is a list of all my side hustles:

  • Niche Music Instagram Account with 40,000 followers. I’ve used this account to sell products and shoutouts to make money.
  • Doing firewood sales. I list the firewood on Facebook marketplace and craigslist and I make a percentage of each sale I make!
  • Doordash and UberEats: I’ve done these a lot over the years. I’ve slowed down a bit because of the high gas prices, but I have plenty of experience.
  • 2 Blogs: I run two different blogs including this one.
  • Freelance writing: The 2 blogs that I run gave me the experience to write blog posts for other people and make money. I currently have 2 solid clients and make money every week!

As you could see side hustles are my thing. And even I’m not doing them, I’m always researching them, which gives me the expertise to answer the questions you have!

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