Can You Make a Living Off Of Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex driver with a package

What’s there not to like about Amazon Flex? You have flexible hours, good pay, limited interaction, good driver support, and last but not least perks and discounts for being a driver. With all that being said, I could understand why you would want to do Amazon Flex all day long. But is it a viable full time job? In this article we are going to go over whether or not you could work on Amazon Flex full time, or if you need to pair it with something else. Let’s dive into the quick answer.

You Shouldn’t Rely On Amazon Flex To Make a Living And Here’s Why

The clue is in the name of the app. It’s called Amazon FLEX because it’s meant to be a flexible side gig, not a primary source of income. Also, there are many reasons why it’s unreliable. First off, they cap your hours. On Amazon Flex, you could only work 40 hours. On top of that, because of the competition of other drivers fighting for blocks, it’s not guaranteed that you could actually fill those 40 hours. 

Also, you COULD make $18-$25 dollars per hour according to the Amazon Flex site. However, based on location and demand, it may be much less. 

Lastly, when it comes to gig work like Amazon Flex, you don’t get benefits. However, if you’re getting benefits from a significant other or you’re able to still get them another way, it could increase your chances of doing pretty well overall. Just not full time. 

You Need To Take All Of Your Circumstances Into Consideration

Making a living is different for everyone. If you’re someone who has living circumstances where you don’t really have to pay a lot on rent, or have minimal monthly expenses, then perhaps Amazon Flex could cover your basic needs. However, for many, especially those living in high-cost areas or supporting a family, relying solely on Amazon Flex might not be enough.

The Best Things To Pair Amazon Flex With To Make a Full Time Income

To cope with the hourly limit of Amazon Flex, you could pair it with other side hustles. Let’s dive into what they could be. 

RideShare & Delivery Apps

If you don’t mind staying on the road all day, rideshare apps like uber could be a good option to add on to your daily grind (alongside Amazon Flex). If you’re not good with people in your car, doing a delivery app like Doordash could also be a great idea to pair with flex.

Freelance Work

freelance worker working at night

If you have any skills online like writing, website design, or whatever, consider going on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr and offer your services. If you get a good client or two, it could be great supplemental income alongside Amazon Flex. Freelance work is flexible, so you could easily do Amazon Flex in the morning and freelance work at night.

Grocery Delivery

Do you know your way around the grocery store? If so you may consider pairing Amazon Flex with something like Instacart. All you have to do is shop for groceries and deliver.

Pet Sitting Or Dog Walking

If you want something that is more on the therapeutic side and you like animals, sign up to rover or wag to bring adorable pups for a walk. Nothing like walking or babysitting animals for some extra cash. 


So, it’s not likely to make a living on Amazon Flex unless you’re in an optimal living situation where your expenses are minimal. However, by diversifying your income streams and pairing Amazon Flex with other gigs or side hustles, you can create a more stable and substantial income.

Can You Make a Living Off Of Amazon Flex?
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