Month: March 2022

What Are Archived Proposals On Upwork? (What Freelancers Need To Know)

When you’re first starting out as a freelancer on Upwork, it’s important to understand the different features and aspects of the site. One such feature is archived proposals. If you’re wondering what archived proposals are and what they’re used for, read on! Answer To The Question What Is an Archived Proposal On Upwork: An archived […]

Can You Use Skype To Talk To Your Clients On Upwork?

The interview process on Upwork can be a little daunting. You’ve found a great client, you’ve gone through the proposal process, and now it’s time to interview. But what’s the best way to conduct an interview? Should you use Skype? There’s some skepticism out there about using Skype for interviews on Upwork. It it allowed […]

What To Do If an Employer is Asking For Your Email On Upwork?

There’s no shortage of potential scammers on Upwork. When applying for different jobs, you may come across an employer who asks for your email address. This is a red flag, as this allows them to contact you outside of the Upwork platform where they can’t be monitored. This isn’t always the case, as some employers […]

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