Can Uber Drivers Wear Shorts? (What You Need To Know)

Can Uber drivers wear shorts? It is a question that many people ask themselves before they start driving for the company.

Sometimes it can be very hot out and wearing shorts may be ideal. In this blog post we will go over whether or not you could and should wear shorts as an Uber Driver.

Answer To The Question Can Uber Drivers Wear Shorts:

As an Uber driver you can definitely wear shorts. This is a plus for the drivers who live in places that get hot during the summer.

Uber drivers are encouraged to be comfortable, so there is no reason why they can’t wear shorts during work hours. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman as Uber will allow both of these sexes to dress in this way for their job duties.

Is There A Dress Code For Uber Drivers?

There is no dress code for Uber Drivers, they can essentially wear whatever they want in order to be comfortable.

The only rule that Uber has for its drivers is to wear clothes. In other words, you must be wearing something in order to drive for them.

Why Does Uber Have No Control Over What Their Drivers Wear?

As an Uber driver you are considered an independent contractor. As an independent contractor you are pretty much considered self employed.

This means that as an Uber Driver you can wear whatever you want to work and they do not have any say in what you choose.

As long as the drivers follow all of the laws and regulations, then there is no problem with them wearing shorts or anything else for that matter.

The only time what you wear will be a problem is if the customer has a problem with what you are wearing.

The pros of wearing shorts as a driver

The biggest pro is that you will be more comfortable.

You can’t control the weather and summer months in some places are incredibly hot. Wearing shorts as an Uber Driver allows you to stay cool during your work day, which is ideal for everyone involved.

The cons of wearing shorts as a driver

There really aren’t many cons to wearing shorts while working with Uber. Some people might think that they look silly or informal, but it isn’t like there is a set dress code (as we mentioned above).

How to wear shorts without looking like you’re not taking your job seriously

You don’t have to wear shorts for your job, but if you do decide on this they should be clean and professional looking.

People who are wearing gym clothes or cut off jean shorts will not look very professional, so try to avoid these types of outfits while working with Uber. Wearing something that is casual isn’t bad as long as it’s still neat and close fitting.

For men, some khaki shorts with a polo or button down shirt will look nice.

For women , a nice knee length skirt paired with a polo or button down shirt can be good.

What other options are there for drivers who want to dress casually, but still look professional?

If you don’t want to wear shorts when driving for Uber, there are other options. For men, some nice jeans and a polo or dress shirt will work nicely. It is important that the pants aren’t too baggy as this defeats the purpose of looking professional while still being comfortable enough in order to drive.

For women , some nice jeans with a button down shirt will look good.

Why is it Important To Dress Nice As an Uber Driver?

It is important to dress nice as an Uber driver because you want to represent yourself and the company in a professional manner.

If you dress too casually and look unkempt, it is going to make people question what type of service Uber offers as well as how reliable their drivers are.

It is important that they feel comfortable with you before getting into your car and taking off on an adventure with them! By looking nice and dressing professionally, this allows for trust to be built between the driver and passenger which makes everyone’s job easier.

When it comes to tips, dressing professionally can also pay off for drivers.

If you look nice and the people who get into your car can tell, they may be more inclined to give a tip as well. This is an added benefit of dressing nicely while driving with Uber!

This is why when you first start working for Uber you should go to the store and buy some nice clothes for your new job.

What You Shouldn’t Wear As An Uber Driver

Sandals or Flip Flops:

There is no rule against wearing flip flops or sandals, but when it comes to keeping the customer safe. Wearing normal shoes is probably more safe.

Sometime wearing things like Sandals or Flip flops can be a hazard. Some times your foot can slip off the pedal or break in an awkward way when wearing flip flops.

Tank Tops:

Tank tops are cool for the gym but as an Uber driver they can look unprofessional.

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing to do is balance customer satisfaction and your comfortability. If you do this as an Uber driver you should be ok.

When you are thinking about wearing something to work, feel free to ask yourself the following questions.

Am I Comfortable? Do i look presentable? Is this something that other people will be ok with?

As long as you ask yourself these three questions before getting dressed for work, it should go smoothly!


The dress code for Uber drivers has been a topic of debate for quite some time now. There are many points to consider when determining what is appropriate driver attire, but at the end of the day it’s up to your discretion as an individual whether you want to wear shorts or not. We hope this article was helpful in clearing up any misconceptions about wearing shorts while driving with Uber!

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Can Uber Drivers Wear Shorts? (What You Need To Know)
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