Is Amazon Flex Worth it? (What You Need To Know)

Amazon Flex is a great chance for people with flexible schedules and those looking to make some extra cash, but it might not be for everyone.

One of the most popular questions people ask themselves when they are looking for a job is, “is it worth my time?” It is important to consider this question because there are many reasons why Amazon Flex may not be the right opportunity for you. This blog post will go over what Amazon Flex offers and if it’s worth your time.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is an Amazon-created courier service. Drivers for this company deliver for any of their various businesses, including Prime Now and Amazon Fresh! So you could spend your shift delivering packages , dinner or groceries to people’s houses.

How do people make money as an Amazon Flex driver?

The way Amazon Flex works is simple – as an independent contractor, you have access to deliveries. Each order has a time slot allotted and if delivered within that designated period of opportunity will be compensated accordingly for your efforts!

Is it hard to get hired for Amazon Flex?

While it may seem easy to get hired for Amazon Flex, the competition is pretty steep. As with most companies nowadays, you will need a background check and clean driving record among other things before being considered eligible to work with them.

What Are The Requirements To Be An Amazon Driver?

In order to be approved as an Amazon Flex driver, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 21 years old, you must have a valid driver’s license, you must live in or near a city that is recruiting drivers, you must own a large vehicle that is big enough to deliver a lot of packages, a valid automobile insurance policy, have an up to date smartphone and last but not least pass a background check.

What Are The Steps To Register For Amazon Flex?

The first step is to download the App. The second step you need to register as a Driver

Then, you’ll be prompted to register. This may only be done through the app.

You’ll be asked to provide personal and contact information, as well as your availability at this stage.

Last but not least you must consent to a Background Check

After you’ve completed all of the fields, Amazon Flex will also want you to consent to a background check. To ensure that you have a clean criminal record, the firm will conduct this audit themselves.

How Can You Schedule Blocks With Amazon Flex?

The Amazon Flex app notifies you of shift opportunities that match your availability. The software will send you shift offers that are compatible with your schedule on a regular basis.

If you’re available, you can get blocks on short notice. The “Check Available Blocks” option is the way to view same day opportunities if you’re feeling like picking up a shift.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

The pay for Amazon Flex drivers depends on the area and type of delivery you make.

Tips factor into your income, making it hard to determine. Amazon Flex pay averages $18 to $25 per hour when you include tips.

When Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Paid?

Amazon Flex drivers get paid twice per week (Tuesday and Thursday). As for tips they get paid out a bit later than regular pay because customers have the opportunity to change the tip amount after the delivery.

What Kind of Delivery Shifts Can You Get With Amazon Flex?

The delivery options for your shifts working for Amazon Fl are store orders, packages, prime Now, Instant Orders and Amazon Fresh.

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Flex


-Quick payments (twice per week),

-Flexible work options.

-Good Pay

-Tips are included in your income.

-No Passengers in your car.


-Can be hard to get hours sometimes.

-Since you’re considered an independent contractor you’re responsible for every expense.

-The Amazon Flex App has been said to have a decent amount of bugs.

Is Amazon Flex Worth It?

If you live close enough to warehouses, Amazon flex is most definitely worth it.

If you live to far, you would probably be better off doing gigs like Uber, Lyft etc.

Amazon flex is definitely worth it if you live close to warehouses and are looking for flexible work hours. The pay isn’t too shabby either! If the app doesn’t bug out on you (which hopefully, that won’t be a problem), then Amazon flex should get your moving in all aspects of life.


Now that you know everything you need to know in regards to the requirements, steps to register and other details. It’s now it’s up to you to decide whether or not its worth it to do Amazon Flex.

If you’re interested in signing up, visit their website.

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Is Amazon Flex Worth it? (What You Need To Know)
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