Uber Eats Vs Deliveroo: Which One is Better To Work For

The food delivery industry is a competitive one. The market is flooded with different companies that are all vying for the same customers.

However, not every food delivery company has the same perks and benefits to offer their employees. In this post, we will compare two of the biggest players in this industry: Uber Eats Vs Deliveroo.

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Before going through this whole article and comparing both apps make sure that both of them are actually available where you’re located.

What is Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a UK-based company that operates in over 180 cities and towns across 12 countries. This company offers food delivery services for both restaurants and customers, with their standard service being restaurant deliveries.

How does it work?

Deliveroo has an army of self-employed drivers. These individuals can sign up to be a Deliveroo driver, and they will then have the opportunity to accept any restaurant delivery requests that come in on their app.

Pros of working for Deliveroo


Deliveroo drivers can choose when they want to work, as well as the hours that suit them. This way of working is perfect for people who have a family or other commitments outside of Deliveroo and need time off from their job.

Don’t Have To Be Stuck In An Office:

Deliveroo Drivers don’t have to go to an office every single day and answer to a boss either.

Cons of working for Deliveroo

Don’t Get Paid Very Well In Comparison To Other Ridesharing Apps:

Deliveroo drivers are paid around $14-£16 per hour. This is significantly less than the likes of Uber or Lyft, who pay their drivers a minimum of $18 an hour.

Bad Driver Help:

Deliveroo drivers don’t have good support from the company when it comes to getting help with anything. This could be a problem for people who are new at driving, or just need some tips on how to successfully complete deliveries.

What is Uber Eats ?

Uber Eats is a subsidiary of Uber, but it operates as its own standalone app that lets customers order food.

How does it work?

Customers can either log in to their existing account on the Uber app or register for one specifically with Uber Eats. They will then be able to browse through available restaurants and place an order.

Pros of Working For Uber Eats


Uber Eats drivers can choose when they want to work and the hours that suit them. This is perfect for people who have other commitments outside of Uber, or if you’re not sure how much time you’ll need- it won’t tie up your whole day.

Choice of Vehicle:

You can choose what type of vehicle you want to use for your Uber Eats deliveries. You could drive your own car, or get a loaned one from the company- it’s up to you.

Instant Payouts:

Uber Eats pays their drivers on the same day- often within an hour or two. This means that you can be paid for your work right away, rather than waiting to get a paycheck at the end of every week

As Many Hours As You Want:

Uber Eats doesn’t restrict the number of hours that you can work. The only time they put a limit on is when drivers are driving for both Uber and Uber Eats, as this may be too much stress on your vehicle’s engine.

Cons of Working For Uber Eats

Waiting For Orders:

Sometimes you may spend a lot of time waiting for deliveries to come in.

Sometimes You Get Low Tips:

People ordering food from Uber Eats might not tip as much, because they might think you’re pay is included in the higher price of ordering from Uber Eats.

Delivery Location is A Mystery:

When you go to take an order for Uber Eats you aren’t able to see where the delivery is going.

If you live in place with surrounding areas that aren’t so good, this may not be a good thing, especially late at night.

Which Delivery Service Is Best To Work For: Deliveroo or Uber Eats?

When it comes to which one of these apps is better to work for, the answer varies by location, but if you had to get an answer it would be Uber Eats.

Uber Eats development wise is so far ahead of Deliveroo which gives it a big advantage.

It all comes down to speed and availability, and right now Uber Eats is the better option when it comes to speed and also has more partnerships than deliveroo does.

This will make more people want to order from Uber Eats because they will have more options and get there food faster.

This isn’t always the case because as I said it varies on a location to location basis.

The best thing you can do is work for both for an certain period of time to see which one you make a better hourly rate with.


If you are looking to become a delivery driver and are looking into which delivery app to use, I hope this helped narrow down your search.

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Uber Eats Vs Deliveroo: Which One is Better To Work For
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