Can You Blog Without Social Media? (With My Analytics)

A lot of people think that to be a successful blogger, you need to get a lot of traffic from using social media. That brings up the question is social media necessary to have a successful blog?

While being active on social media can help you reach a wider audience, it’s not necessary to have a successful blog. This is because organic traffic normally outweighs any social traffic you could get in most cases.

Below we will go over how you can achieve organic traffic without the use of social media, but we will also go over some of the ways you can get social traffic.

How Do You Optimize For Organic Traffic?


Bloggers can get organic traffic without the help of social media by optimizing their blog posts for SEO. This means using the right keywords, having a good link structure, and creating fresh content.

There are a lot of different strategies when it comes to SEO, but if you implement even a few of them into your blog posts, you will see an increase in organic traffic.


One of the most important things you can do for your blog posts is to choose the right keywords. These are the words and phrases that people are searching for on Google. If you can include these keywords in your blog post, they will be more likely to show up in the search results.

If your blog is new, finding underserved topics is the key to getting organic traffic. This means finding topics that people are searching for but there aren’t a lot of results for.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking will help google and other search engines understand what your blog post is about. It will also help increase the time people spend on your site.

Internal linking is when you link to other related blog posts on your site. For example, if you have a blog post about “SEO Tips”, you could link to another one of your blog posts about “Link Building”. This will help Google understand that these two topics are related and it will also give people the chance to read more of your content.

Post Consistently

If you’re starting a new blog, you want to have at least 50-100 posts within the first few months. This will help Google understand that you are an active blog and it will also give you a chance to rank for more keywords.

Why Posting On Social Media Isn’t Always The Best Idea

Posts Disappear Fast

Even though social media can help you reach a larger audience, it’s not always the best idea to post your blog content there. The reason for this is that posts promoting blog posts rarely go viral on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others.

So if you put in a lot of time and effort to create a post promoting your blog post on social media, you likely won’t get much traffic from it.

It Can Take Away Your Attention To Detail

When typing a blog post, you want to be able to focus and really think deeply about the topic you’re writing. If you have the idea that social media will get you the traffic you need, you may not put as much effort into writing a high-quality blog post.

This is because you may think that as long as you get people to your blog, it doesn’t matter if the post is amazing or not. But if you want people to keep coming back, you need to write quality content.

Which Platforms Are The Best For Driving Traffic To Your Site

If you’re doing all you can do in terms of organic traffic, but you want to add some social traffic to your blog, there are a few platforms you can use.


The key to Twitter is to interact with people within your niche. When you do this, they are more likely to see your blog posts when you share them. You can also use hashtags to reach a larger audience.

Facebook Groups

Another great way to get social traffic is by posting in Facebook groups related to your niche. There are a lot of active groups on Facebook with people looking for new content. If you can provide them with this, they are likely to visit your blog.


Quora is a platform where people ask and answer questions. You can use this to your advantage by answering questions related to your niche. If you provide value in your answers and include a link to your blog, people will be interested in visiting it.


Pinterest is widely known as a platform to get Traffic. You can use this platform by creating pins that lead to your blog posts. This is a great way to get traffic because people are already on the platform looking for new content.

Above I talked about the outliers who get more social traffic than organic traffic. The majority of those people have used Pinterest to grow their blogs. If you want to give Pinterest a try, I recommend this guide on how to use Pinterest for business.

Organic Traffic Vs Social Traffic Stats

On this blog specifically, i’ve put in the work to get some social traffic using Quora, Pinterest, and other platforms, and my organic traffic still far outweighs my social traffic. As you could see, you can barely see the social traffic which is very low.

Keep in mind that your results may be different as some niches are better than others with social traffic!

Sources of traffic

In Summary

If you want to get organic traffic to your blog, you don’t need social media. However, if you want to use social media to grow your blog, there are a few platform options available. You can also use a mix of both strategies to grow your blog even faster.

It’s best to keep in mind that some niches may work a little bit better with organic traffic, while others may need a little help from social media. There’s no magic number or method that will work for everyone. Try a few different things and see what works best for you and your blog.

I hope this article helped you understand the difference between organic traffic and social media traffic. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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Can You Blog Without Social Media? (With My Analytics)

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