Can You Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing Without a Following?

The vision of getting sales all day every day through affiliate marketing sounds great, but what happens when you don’t have a following or an audience to promote to? Do you actually need 10’s of thousands of followers in order to be successful?

The answer to this question is no. Believe it or not, you could be successful as an affiliate marketer without having a large following. Yes, having a large following could definitely help, but it isn’t necessary. In this blog post we will get into different ways you could make money through affiliate marketing. This includes:

  • Find a Popular Product
  • Finding Underserved Questions For That Product
  • Taking Advantage Of Search
  • Expand Within Your Niche

Find a Popular Product

Many people think that this is rocket science. It really isn’t though. Many people think they need a new trending product that’s popular on TikTok, but this isn’t true at all.

The best thing you could do is pick an evergreen product that people will be searching for years to come. Some examples include coffee machines, blenders, fitness equipment, and beauty products.

If you took trending products and marketed them, they might not be searched for in a few months. Let’s take fidget spinners as an example! They are still considered a great product for people who like to fidget, but their popularity has dropped significantly. Take a look at the Google trends it comes to fidget spinners.

However, if you take a Keurig model, and answer underserved questions in regards to it you can get traffic for years to come. Even if new models come out, people don’t buy new coffee machines every year, and so Keurig will always be searched for.

Find Underserved Questions On That Product

So what does underserved mean? Underserved means questions that haven’t been answered by anyone. Let’s dive into some examples. We’re going to stick with the Keurig example.

One question is “what are the three cup sizes on a Keurig?”. If you search this Google keyword on Google you will see that there is little competition in terms of blog posts. The way you know there’s little competition, is if there are no Titles in the search results that match the question.

So how can you find keywords like this? I use a tool called Keyword chef. This tool allows you to search a seed keyword like “Keurig”, and it comes up with a list of keywords. Each keyword comes with a score and the higher the score, the more underserved it is.

There is a way to filter for Google, or if you prefer to do videos, you can filter it for YouTube as well.

Other ways to find questions is just be Googling “ Keyword”. This will give you all the types of questions being asked in regards to the keyword.

Once you find a couple of keywords, you need to search them on Google and see the competition, and also if the question is answered in depth. If not, you’ve found your topic.

Taking Advantage Of Search

Google and YouTube are tow platforms where you don’t need a huge following. This is because people are actively searching for different terms.

If you use the keyword chef method, and post blogs or YouTube videos, you could get organic traffic to your website or videos.

So what kind of content should you create?

You could do reviews, comparisons, and how-to’s. These are all popular forms of content that people search for on Google or YouTube. You should post answers to the questions that you found with the keyword chef method.

It’s important to not forget posting your affiliate link in the description, or to link to the product within your blog posts.

Expand Within Your Niche

The last step, is to expand within your niche. If you’ve exhausted all of the underserved questions in regards to the Keurig, move on to some other coffee makers or coffee products.

If you really dive in, you could have a very extensive list of products you could review over time.

This will result in a lot of affiliate sales, and even that large following you were worried about in the beginning.


So if you were worried about not having a following, don’t be. If you follow the tips laid out in this blog post you will have organic search traffic for years to come and make affiliate sales, all without having 1 million followers. All it takes is some strategy and hard work.

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Can You Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing Without a Following?
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