Can You Use Mail Chimp For Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most confusing businesses for a lot of people because of the simple fact that there are so many ways to do it. One way is through email marketing. But what is the right platform to use?

Mail Chimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms so it’s only right that a lot of people wonder if they can use it for their affiliate marketing campaigns. So can they?

The use of affiliate links within Mail Chimp email campaigns is ok, however, they prohibit affiliate marketing. This sounds confusing, but long story short they define affiliate marketing as getting paid to generate leads for a third party. Basically, as long as your main message isn’t to push affiliate links, you should be ok.

So although it’s possible to use Mail Chimp as an affiliate marketing service, it’s not recommended. There are other platforms that specifically cater to affiliate marketing and will have better support for it. Some of those platforms include:

  1. SendX
  2. Get Response
  3. Aweber
  4. Email Octopus

Why You Shouldn’t Use Mail Chimp For Affiliate Marketing

Other than the fact that affiliate marketing is a grey area on Mail Chimp, it actually is quite expensive in comparison to other autoresponders.

After looking at reviews on Trust Pilot, customers of Mail Chimp also complain about lack of customer support and difficulties with their templates. Basically saying that it’s not that easy to use.

Many people complained about getting banned for typically no reason at all, and that they couldn’t get their account back.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t want to have to worry about things like this. You shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with technical difficulties or worrying about getting banned.

Instead, go for a platform that specifically caters to affiliate marketing and will make your life easier in the long run.

What Is Mail Chimp Best Used For?

Mail Chimp is more for a business to customer use, such as a clothing store sending out newsletters or promotions to their subscribers.

So if you’re someone who has a business, Mail Chimp is a great platform for email marketing. But if you’re mainly focusing on affiliate marketing, there are better options out there for you.

Does Mail Chimp Have an Affiliate Program?

Mail Chimp does have an affiliate program, however, you can’t actually earn spendable money through it. You could only become an affiliate for Mail Chimp if you’re an actual customer.

Every time somebody signs up through your referral link, $30 bill credit for every person that signs up for a monthly plan.

There are other email platforms out there that allow you to actually earn real money through their affiliate programs, which is another reason why Mail Chimp might not be the best option for affiliate marketing.

How Can You Switch From Mail Chimp To Another Platform?

I’m not sure which platform you plan on moving to, but for this example we’ll give a broad explanation of hoot go about doing this.

The first thing you need to do which is very important is to export your audience from Mail Chimp into a CSV File. This way you’ll have a list of all your subscribers.

After that, you want to make sure you have a copy of all the email sequences and things you still want to use in your new platform.

Once you have everything you need from your Mail Chimp account and sign up for a new one with the platform you want to use. Import your audience and email sequences, set up automation, and start using it for your affiliate marketing campaigns!

If you have any issues importing, just contact the customer service of whatever platform it is, and they should have no issues with helping you out!


Now that you know Mail Chimp isn’t great for affiliate marketing, it’s time to find a platform that is. Look for one that caters specifically to affiliate marketers and has a strong reputation among users. Don’t waste your time with technical difficulties or the fear of getting banned when there are better options out there for you.

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Does Adding Affiliate Links In Emails Cost Money?

No, adding affiliate links in emails is free and doesn’t cost any money. However, make sure to check with the email platform you’re using as some have restrictions on affiliate links in emails.

How Can I Test Affiliate Links In Emails?

You can test affiliate links in emails by sending a test email to yourself or a trusted friend/colleague. This way, you can click on the link and see if it redirects properly and if the tracking works correctly.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Pair With Email Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great pair with email marketing because email marketing is very personal and targeted. When someone signs up for your email news letter it’s because they have voluntarily given you their email and want to receive updates or promotions from your brand. This makes them more likely to click on affiliate links and potentially make a purchase.

Can You Use Mail Chimp For Affiliate Marketing?
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