How To Change Region On Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a great service for people who are looking to make money on their own schedule with the help of Amazon’s logistics platform.

If you’re an Amazon Flex driver and are interested in whether or not you can change your location this is the right article for you!

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What is Amazon Flex?

Being an Amazon Flex driver is what many people refer to as a “gig economy” job. It allows drivers who are interested in making money on their own schedule with the help of Amazon’s logistics platform and app to do so.

You’re essentially an Uber driver, but instead you deliver packages for your main source of income (it does not have be Amazon packages).

It’s still in its early stages, but the company has already become popular among many people who are looking for an easy way to make money with their car.

Brief answer to the question can you change your delivery area on amazon flex:

The answer is yes, if you’re moving, changing jobs, or just want to work in a different area you can change your delivery location on Amazon Flex.

How Exactly Do You Change Your Location On Amazon Flex?

If you’ve moved out of state, gotten a new gig (whatever the case may be), and need to change delivery areas as an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll have to contact Amazon Support via email.

After you send the email you must then clear your availability on the Amazon Flex app. This will be done by following these steps:

Log into your account on

Go to your available hours and “clear availability”. Shortly after this Amazon will start working on your new delivery area.

If you want to move back onto your old location, all you have to do is tell Amazon Flex via email and they’ll clear your availability in the app for that particular place again!

What are the different regions for Amazon Flex?

If you’re wondering what the different delivery areas for Amazon Flex are, here is a list:

-Austin (TX) -Baltimore (MD) -Boston (MA) -Chicago (IL) -Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (TX) -Houston (TX) -Los Angeles Area(CA)-New Jersey-New York City area and Long Island. NY; Northern New England: ME, NH, VT; Philadelphia area: PA; Pittsburgh region: PA & WV; Raleigh Durham Triangle Region NC

There may be more regions in your state not included on this list since Amazon warehouses are popping up at a very fast pace so be sure to check to see if there’s a new one near you!

How Far Can Amazon flex send you?

A big question is how far can amazon flex send you on a delivery block.

After looking on reddit and different forums I came to the conclusion that it varies based on your market an where you’re located.

Some people said 5-20 miles away and some people mentioned by the time they’re done with their shift sometimes they are 1 to 2 hours away from their starting point.


Amazon flex is a great opportunity for people who are looking to make money on their own schedule with the help of Amazon’s logistics platform.

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How To Change Region On Amazon Flex
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