Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Drug Tested? (What You Need To Know)

Are you thinking about becoming an Amazon Flex driver?

It might be a great opportunity for you, but it’s important to know what the job entails before signing up.

In this blog post, we’ll explore if Amazon Flex drivers get drug tested and what you should know before applying!

What is Amazon Flex?

The Amazon Flex service allows individuals to make money by delivering packages for the e-commerce giant Amazon. In order to become an Amazon Flex driver, you must own a smartphone and have access to reliable transportation.

The Amazon Flex driver service allows its drivers to choose when and how much they work. You can schedule your hours around classes, other jobs or family time.

Brief answer to the question does Amazon Flex drug test their workers:

No, they don’t. But the background check does include information about your history in order to determine whether or not you are qualified for this kind of work.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Drug Test Drivers For Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors. This means that they are not regular employees of Amazon, which makes it unnecessary to require drug testing for these workers.

Why is Independent Contractor Different from a Regular Employee?

An employee would have more restrictions on employment and responsibility than an independent contractor does.

Employees must work set schedules with fixed routes as long as the company needs them there. They also have a specific place in the organization’s hierarchy.

Therefor the only thing the independent contractor has to do is pass a background check and abide by the contract they agree to as an Amazon Flex driver.

What Amazon Workers Are Drug Tested?

Warehouse workers and drivers that are hired by amazon and not independent contractors. – Amazon recently stopped testing warehouse workers for marijuana within their pre employment drug test, but they still test regular Amazon drivers for this since it can impair their judgment while driving.

Amazon also does random drug tests as well as tests for reasonable suspicion.

Why It Doesn’t Matter If you Get Drug Tested Or Not For Amazon Flex

While working for Amazon Flex you will have to pick up packages from warehouses and deliver them to their final destination.

While picking up the packages if anyone working there believes you are under the influence of weed, alcohol, cocaine or other things of that nature they will report you and potentially get your account deactivated.

What Is The Hiring Process For Amazon Flex For Delivery Drivers?

The hiring process for Amazon Flex is very simple. As long as you are 21 years old and can pass a background check, then all it takes to earn some extra cash on the side is by following this link.

All that’s required of applicants is an email address, full name and phone number. Applicants don’t even need their own car!

An applicant will be contacted if they’re hired for positions in their area after completing the online application form or through word-of-mouth within your community.


The Amazon Flex driver service is a great opportunity, but it’s only available to independent contractors.

If you are interested in becoming an Amazon Flex driver, remember that the background check will include information about your history so be honest! Otherwise you could risk losing this job offer if they find out any of your past indiscretions or run-ins with drug charges.

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You can learn more about applying for the program here . And if you have any questions feel free to let us know below!

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Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Drug Tested? (What You Need To Know)
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