How To Make Money With Canva

Canva is a very powerful tool, that has many different uses.

A couple of common uses for Canva include creating social media graphics and designing logos and other marketing materials.Canva is a great tool for anyone who wants to create custom graphics without having to know complex design software. Whether you want to share photos on Instagram, promote your business on Facebook, or create eye-catching infographics, Canva makes it easy to do all of these things.

Since Canva is such a good tool, you may be wondering all the different ways you could possibly make money from it. In this article, we will go over multiple ways you could make money via Canva, including:

  • Creating Pins On Pinterest
  • Logo Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Print On Demand
  • Selling Printables
  • YouTube Thumbnails

Believe it or not making money on Canva is pretty easy. So read up in order to find your next Canva Side hustle!

Can You Sell Things You Make On Canva?

You can definitely sell things you make on Canva. You have to make your own designs though. You can’t just take a graphic and sell them individually, you have to add other aspects of the image in order to qualify it as sellable. This means combining different pictures and elements to make something new.

So for example, in order to sell templates using Canva, the image has to be highly modified. So no, it’s not necessarily going to be easy, but it is definitely possible.

How To Make Money On Canva

Now it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for, all the ways you could make money with Canva.

Making Pins For Pinterest

Making pins on Pinterest is a good way to make money on Canva. There are a couple of different ways this could be utilized. If you have your own blog, you could create a couple pins for each blog post and schedule the pins over a span of time. This way you could increase the traffic on your blog, and increase your income via display ads, and affiliate links.

The second way to make money with Canva using Pinterest pins is by creating pins for bloggers who don’t have the time to do it themselves. You could even charge extra money for posting them as well.

Bloggers who spend all their time writing often burn out, so this is a great opportunity for you to make good money offering to do it for them. This way, they could go head and focus on what they actually have to do. Write!

Creating Logos

The second way we will discuss is a rather simple, yet competitive way to make money on Canva. This is by creating logos. Due to Canva, and other platforms that are similar, the barrier to entry for making logos is very low.

If you do choose to do this option, make sure you come up with a solid business plan, because finding clients may be very hard. To get an idea as to how competitive it really is, take a look at Fiverr, and see how many people are selling logos already.

It isn’t impossible, just very hard to do.

Social Media Management

Similar to making Pinterest pins for bloggers, companies need social media posts, and they don’t have the time to do it themselves. This is where Canva comes in. Canva has the right sizes for all types of social media posts including a regular Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and basically anything you could imagine.

To find jobs doing this, just reach out to companies who have inactive social media platforms. Give them a run down about how important it is for them to post on social media.

It’s important to know the algorithms of each platform as well, this way you could also help them grow their social media accounts, which is where the real value is. Canva is just the tool that helps you put together the content.

Print On Demand

There’s a wide array of platforms where you could do print on demand. These include:

1. Redbubble – Redbubble is one of the most popular print on demand sites, offering a wide selection of products including clothing, phone cases, posters, and more. They have a large community of artists who can share their designs and sell their products to customers around the world.

2. Society6 – Like Redbubble, Society6 is another popular print on demand site with thousands of artists selling their artwork on everything from phone cases to throw pillows. They also offer a variety of other products, including home decor, stationery and more.

3. Teespring – Teespring is another popular print on demand site that offers an easy-to-use platform for creating and selling t-shirts and other apparel products. They also offer a variety of tools to help you market your designs and reach new customers.

You can utilize any of these sites and post your Canva designs on them. Just be sure you take the time to learn about each platform, and what practices are the most effective.

One way you could dive into each platform is by searching, “Redbubble income report”, on YouTube, and you will see the in’s and out’s of different people that create on the platform and how their business is doing.

Canva also just released their text to image A.I software, where you type in the image you want, and it will create it for you.

Let’s include on in this post. For this example were going to do “monkey with sunglasses looking at a rainbow”.

Monkey in sunglasses looking at a rainbow

The picture above is the very first picture that the Canva A.I software came up with, which is pretty impressive. Depending on the nice you do print on demand in, you could get some pretty solid images to use for your Canva side hustle.

If you don’t want to worry about making sales on platforms, you could also straight up sell designs to people looking for designs for their print on demand store.

Selling Printables Using Canva

Next up is selling printables using Canva. You can sell on places like Etsy, Zazzle, Redbubble, and more. Some of the types of designs you could sell include:

(1) Printable stationery or greeting cards. People love sending out and receiving handwritten notes, so they will be quick to purchase your artwork if you turn it into a printable note card or stationery set. You could also create printable Christmas cards, which are very popular in late December….

(2) Printable party invitations. Just like with stationery, people are always on the lookout for printable party invitations. If you’re not a graphic designer, don’t worry – there are plenty of free templates and clip art designs that will allow you to make stunning printable invitations without any software knowledge.

(3) Printable books for kids. Children’s picture books and coloring books are perennial favorites, and if you’re creative enough you could make a good amount of money selling them.

(4) Printable stencils and clip art. There are many people who buy craft supplies, but don’t have the time or inclination to actually make things themselves. If you’re good at making different designs that don’t really exists, people will buy them for sure!

Make YouTube Thumbnails That Stand Out

If you have a YouTube channel, you want to make sure that you use good thumbnails. Thumbnails are essential for getting clicks on your videos. If you have good content, everything else will follow.

Canva allows you to make unique designs for your thumbnails, which if utilized correctly, could increase your revenue by increasing your CTR (click through rate).

1. Use an interesting subject in your thumbnail, something that will make viewers want to learn more about the video. A lot of people use the classic person with the mouth open thumbnail (whether it’s themselves or another person).

2. Choose a color scheme and font style for your text that is easy to read at small sizes and on different devices such as smartphones and tablets. Color scheme could set a mood for someone, and is very overlooked, so be sure to pay attention to detail when it comes to that.

3. Keep your thumbnails simple but not boring, and avoid using overly busy or complicated backgrounds. Busy will turn people away.

That brings us to our next option.

Sell YouTube Thumbnails To Youtubers

You can use the same concepts above, but instead of making thumbnails for yourself, you could make them for other people. If you do a good job and get YouTubers a lot of clicks, they will come back to you for more business.

Design Presentations For People Using Canva Presentations

Using Canva, you could easily use different presentation templates and edit them. If you go on Fiverr, you could sell presentations. All the customer has to do is give you the information for you to input, and all you have to do is change up the template a little bit.

You could also search on Upwork to see if anyone needs presentations. Once you see someone looking for one, all you have to do is apply to to the job.

It’s important to show examples of the presentations you’ve made in the past, so even if you’ve had no clients, make a few different ones to show off.

Creat Marketing Materials for Businesses

A lot is said about how you could use Canva online to make money. However, you could use Canva for business that have less of an online presence. You can marketing flyers, business cards, and other things businesses could have physically and show off to their customers.

A lot of people think since Canva is an online tool, that it has to be used strictly online, but that isn’t the case.

Affiliate Marketing

Canva is always adding new creation tools. So much so, that it could be hard for creators to keep up. That’s where Canva affiliates come in. 

If you know the in’s and outs of Canva, you could make videos or blog posts about all the different tools within Canva and how you could use them for business and personal things.

When someone signs up to Canva using your link, you could earn money.

Design Book Covers

If you take a look at my blog post Realistic Ways To Make Money Online one of those side hustles is Amazon KDP. 

Selling books on Amazon is a good side hustle and one of the ways to be successful at it is to have a good book cover due to the fact that many people make the decision of whether or not they want to purchase a book based on the cover. 

You could use Canva to design covers for people. All you have to do is list your services on fiverr and look for jobs on Upwork. 

Website Design 

Take a look at this video which teaches you how to build a website using Canva. If you could perfect this process, then you could offer website design services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Many small companies don’t have the budget for a custom designed site but still need an online presence. 

You can use Canva’s free website builder to quickly create nice looking sites for clients. Make sure to showcase sites you’ve already designed in a portfolio to land new clients. Offer options like:

– Basic websites with a home, about, and contact page

– Ecommerce sites with shopping cart capabilities 

– Landing pages and lead capture pages

– Custom graphics and content for sites

The great thing about Canva is that you don’t need to know coding to build great looking sites. As long as you have a good artistic eye and understanding of layout and design principles, you can do this work. Many small business owners struggle with getting a website designed and would pay for this service.

How To Earn Money Through Canva

There are two direct ways to earn money through Canva. The first one we’ll talk about is the creator program Canva has, where they accept creators to enter designs to their platform. When people download their designs, they make money. This method is actually put on hold due to so many creators signing up.

The second way to earn money through Canva is the affiliate program. Their affiliate program allows for you to earn money by referring other customers to sign up.

Is It Worth Paying For Canva?

Canva has so many different ways to make money that if you combine a couple of them, you could be making well over the cost of Canva in no time. Even if you don’t want to make money with Canva, using it to make your own personal birthday cards, and other personal things may even be worth the price.

I’ve used Canva for both, so I can say Canva is definitely worth the money.

Lastly, Canva is always improving their services. As you could see above they just added an A.i Image service, which is incredible.

How Does Canva Make Money?

The biggest way they make money is by subscriptions. When you sign up for Canva Pro, they get paid, which is their main source of income. Secondly, if you don’t have a pro membership, you need to pay for images if you want them without a Canva logo on them. They make money from these purchases as well.

Lastly, they offer design courses, and they earn money every time somebody purchases them.


As you can see there are many ways you could use Canva to make money. All the options make it hard to choose what to do. You should YouTube all of the different options (see what other people do), this way you could get a feel for what you would like best.

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