How to Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a helpful tool that allows you to view your interests. For the longest time I had no idea that you could actually make money via Pinterest. However, there are many ways you can. In this blog post we will go over all of the ways you could possibly make money.

In this post we go over:

  • Email Newsletter
  • Sponsored Pins
  • Print On Demand
  • Pinterest For Your Blog
  • Pinterest For Your Youtube Channel
  • Using Pinterest for Affiliate links offers from sites like Clickbank.
  • Offering Pin Creation for a service
  • Creating Pins for your online store to push traffic to your products.

Email Newsletter

A newsletter is another great way to make money. The opportunities are endless. You could sell products, get sponsorship, and more. 

Pinterest could act as a lead magnet to attract subscribers to your newsletter. By creating visually appealing pins that offer a glimpse of the content or benefits your newsletter provides, you can entice Pinterest users to sign up. 

The crazy part is you don’t even have to wait to make money. If you build a digital product before you get started you could make money by making sales as people sign up to the newsletter.

Also, if you utilize a service like Beehiiv, you could actually make money by just getting subscribers in general. 

Take a look at the money i’ve made this month so far simply by getting subscribers. 

Boosts With Beehiiv

The program they offer to make money by getting subs is called boosts. All you have to do is find similar newsletters within the beehiiv network and ask them to boost their newsletter. Then when someone signs up to your newsletter they will be given the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletters that you boost.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need a scale account which is $99 per month to monetize, however, you could break even or even make money if you have a method that will get you a lot of subscribers. 

By mixing pinterest pins, with content lead magnets across your social accounts, you might be able to get 50-100 subscribers per day.

If 10 of them choose to subscribe to 1 or more of the recommendations, you could make a good amount of money (surpassing that $99 per month).

If you want to give Beehiiv a chance for free, click here to sign up! 

Sponsored Content

This is a long shot, and will probably take a little while to get there. However, it’s a possibility, and with that we have to include it on the list.

If you grow your pinterest account to many followers, people may reach out to you and want to sponsor a pin to take advantage of your traffic. 

This could be done through the pinterest partner program! 

They key to this is to be extremely patient and consistent with your pinning. Eventually you could get there! 

Print On Demand 

Print On Demand (POD) is the method of selling products online without having to carry inventory or manage logistics. Instead of producing items in bulk upfront and warehousing them, print on demand simply prints the products one-by-one as customers place orders. This could apply to t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more.

With print on demand, most sites have free traffic coming to your designs, but if you want to make good sales, having additional outreach for them is key.

From what i’ve seen, print on demand is definitely a volume game. So is pinterest. So if you can manage to combine the 2, you could make some good money.

All you have to do for each design is a create a mock up image and then post a pin on pinterest leading to the link of the sales page for that product. 

The key to doing this is to make sure your niche aligns with the interest of pinterest users. Some of the most popular interests are fashion, parenting, dating, home decor, and DIY projects. By targeting these interests with your print on demand products, you increase the likelihood that your pins will resonate with Pinterest’s user base. 

Pinterest For Your Blog

If you have your own blog, Pinterest is an excellent way to get traffic and increase your income. If you create a business profile on Pinterest you can create a pin for each blog post that you make and track the stats of each one. If you have multiple categories on your blog, you can create boards for each one on Pinterest. For every post that you make on your blog you can create 4 different pins for each post and post them over time. The reason you should create 4 different pins for each post is because some people might react differently to different pins so different styles will attract clicks from different people. Below is a list on how to get your Pinterest set up for your blog.

  • Sign up for Pinterest
  • Change Your Account to a Business Account
  • Set boards on your Pinterest account to match the categories of your site
  • Write a description for each board using keywords for your pins, this will increase your search traffic
  • Start Pinning your posts, create 4 pins for each post and post them spread out.
  • Track the stats and change your strategy accordingly.

Whether you have an affiliate marketing site or a blog this strategy will help you drive more traffic and will increase your affiliate marketing sales or increase your google AD revenue.

Pinterest For Youtube

Not only are you able to use Pinterest for your blog or affiliate marketing site, you’re also able to use Pinterest for your Youtube channel. At first when you start a Youtube channel, it is very hard to get the traffic you need from the Youtube algorithm alone. This is where Pinterest comes in! Pinterest can speed up the process of getting traffic to your videos.

Instead of creating traditional pins, you can create video pins that are small snippets of your videos. Due to pinterest being a quick preview platform, you don’t want to post the whole video of course. This method could help you speed up the process to get going on the Google Ad program for Youtube, or it could esc the Ad income that you already have coming in.

  • Create a Youtube Video
  • Create a 15-30 Second Snippet of your video and make it vertical to suit wait Pinterest prefers
  • List the Youtube video on the appropriate board on your Pinterest profile
  • Wait for the traffic to come in

How You Can Make Money on Pinterest Without A Blog Or Youtube

For this next one, if you don’t have an affiliate site, blog or Youtube channel, don’t sweat it. You can still utilize Pinterest to make money using Clickbank. You simply find offers that you like and think will do well, create a link, put together your pin for each offer and hope to make some sales through the clicks. This way is the easiest way to use pinterest if you don’t want to spend any money up front. If you want to take this method to the next level you can create landing pages for each product. You want to use this strategy sparingly because you don’t want to agitate your Pinterest followers.

  • Sign up to Click Bank
  • Find Offers that you think will interest people
  • Create an affiliate link for that product
  • Create Pins and post them to Pinterest
  • Wait For Sales To Come in

Pin Creation

Now that you know all about how to use Pinterest for your blog, youtube or clickbank offers, you know that there are alot of bloggers out there needing to create a lot of pins. If you’re good with designing pins using Canva or whatever platform you use to make them, why not offer a service and charge money per pin for creators. You can reach out to bloggers on blogging forums, facebook groups or even become a freelancer on Fiverr and create a profile to sign up and list your offer. You can charge anywhere from $5-$10 a pin and make a great amount of extra income.

  • Create a Canva account and practice making Pins for Pinterest, both video and image
  • Create a Fiverr Account and offer $5-$10 per pin (Start low so you can get good ratings)
  • Get sales and make extra income

Online Store Traffic

If you have an online store, for example a boutique, pinning your products is a great way to drive more traffic to your site and get more sales. You can make a Pin for every single product you have. You can do pins for dresses, leggings, jeans or whatever else you have. Another example would be a makeup store or skin care store. Have a pin showing the preview of each product showing what it does best and this could drive a lot of traffic to your store.

  • Have an online store
  • Create Pinterest boards for each category product you sell (for example create a jeans board for all the jeans you sell)
  • As you add new products to your site, make pins for them and add them to the appropriate board
  • Wait for traffic to come in to your store


Pinterest is the only social media app that will push traffic elsewhere. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social apps are designed to keep you on them as long as possible. This is the opposite for Pinterest. It’s almost like Pinterest serves a purpose other than wasting your time and distracting you. Make sure to utilize Pinterest to the best of your ability and increase your income using the methods listed above.

How to Make Money on Pinterest
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