Instagram or Youtube (Which is The Better Side Hustle?)

There are many people who make money on both Youtube and Instagram. The dream of making a full time income on both platforms is a much sought after goal for many people.

One common question if you want to get started with one of them is which one is better? In this blog post I will go over which platform is a better side hustle, Instagram or Youtube.

How Are The Networks Different?

Social media has the biggest influence in millennials and teenagers. And if we talk about social media, then we can’t forget to mention Instagram and Youtube.

Youtube is a video sharing platform where you can watch videos on everything from makeup tutorials to sports commentaries.

Instagram is also a platform to share photos and short videos. You can tell stories with your video or picture content on Instagram.

Youtube is mostly built around users uploading their own videos, while Instagram is all about sharing photos of yourself, your life or your work.

You need to have a decent camera if you want to produce great Youtube vides, but Instagram you only need to have a good phone.

Now that we’ve established the differences it’s time to figure out which one is a better side hustle.

Is it easier to grow on YouTube or Instagram?

For the average person, it’s probably easier to grow on Instagram. Here’s why! On Youtube you have to develop skills in order to grow a channel. You have to learn how to do editing, shooting and you need to get the sound right.

You also need to use good thumbnails because Youtube ads are based on user clicks.

On Instagram it’s way easier because in most cases all you have to do is upload a simple video or image from your phone. You can also make a page using content that’s not yours. Instagram theme pages are very popular.

How Do You Get Paid From Instagram?

There are now many ways to get paid on Instagram. You can get paid via Instagram Reels, by going live, sponsored posts or product placement.

You also have other ways to earn. For example, you can sell your own physical products if you’re an influencer with a large audience.

How Do You Get Paid From Youtube?

On Youtube you can get paid through ads and sponsorship. You don’t have a lot of options, but if you make a popular channel which has a lot of loyal subscribers then the ad revenue will be high enough for you to grow your career.

Do you make more money on Instagram or YouTube?

Typically Google AdSense tends to pay more because it’s a global company and their ads can be shown in many countries.

However, if you’re an influencer on Instagram with a high follower count then you might make more money than someone who makes videos for Youtube.

If both accounts had the same amount of followers though, I’d say a YouTube channel will make more money because in depth videos with a lot of views tend to be more valuable for sponsors.

Instagram is still getting their things together when it comes to paying people for their reels, so it’s going to take some time before they can compete with a platform that has their monetization methods down pat like YouTube.

Lastly, Youtube videos shelf life is much higher than that of an Instagram post. A post on Instagram might get a lot of likes and engagement in the beginning, but most posts will eventually fade away after some time.

A Youtube video can stay relevant for years and it’s not going to disappear from your page unless you delete it yourself or if your channel gets banned by Youtube.

Which One Should You Do – Youtube or Instagram?

It all depends on your skillset. If you’re good at making videos then you should focus on Youtube. If you’re not you can start by making an Instagram account.

One tip though! Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back. You can make money on YouTube without even showing your face by doing presentation videos or online tutorials.

I personally just started a new YouTube channel and I upload videos about my blogging income and journey.

When it comes to building a community and your work lasting longer, YouTube is definitely the way to go. Eventually after uploading 100’s of videos you won’t need to put in the work as much because you’ll be able to build a community that trusts you.

On the other hand, you need to be uploading to Instagram daily to keep it going on a regular basis.

When it comes to time/money Youtube is the better option because eventually you will be getting paid in your sleep!

You’re Not Limited (Do Both)

You can get these two platforms to work hand in hand. On YouTube, you typically post a lot of long form content. You can repurpose this long form content to go on Instagram.

The reason you should repurpose it and make it shorter is because people who are scrolling on Instagram usually have a shorter attention span.

You can take one piece of content and make money on it with both platforms and also grow on both platforms.

You can also use each platform to cross promote. Instagram has Instagram stories. You can post an ad on your youtube channel and mention that they should follow you for more in depth content.

You can also use your Youtube bio in order to promote Instagram.


There’s no definite answer to this question and it all depends on your personal situation and skillset.

Instagram has its perks, but Youtube is still a better place for making money because it’s suited for the long term.

If you have any input in the Youtube vs Instagram debate please leave it in the comments below!

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Instagram or Youtube (Which is The Better Side Hustle?)
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