Making Money With Copywriting (What You Need To Know)

When you talk about copywriting you mainly think of writing. Little do people know it’s much more than just writing. There are many ways you can make money within copywriting.

In this blog post we will go over all the ways you can make money writing copy.

Writing Ads

This is the most common thought when someone hears copywriting. You write scripts and place them in all types of ads. Whether it’s Facebook ads, google ads or any type of digital ad.

This is the most important job of a copywriting freelancer or business so make sure you’re great at it.

What Are The Things You Should Know For Writing Ads?

  • How people think, act and what they like or dislike.
  • The product you are advertising for.
  • Where does the person reading the ad see your product.
  • What is this task in relation to? (if it’s an ad, what kind?)
  • How long should the copy be? (depends on where you’re placing it)
  • When people come across your ad, will it be attention grabbing?
  • Will the person reading this lose interest in what you’re advertising after a certain amount of time.
  • What does your product generally cost?
  • The platform you are using for your ads. Ex: Facebook, google analytics etc..

These are just some thing to think about when writing ads for copywriting.

Email Marketing

This is another form of copywriting that is very popular. You will be writing emails for people to subscribe to your email lists or newsletters.

Writing emails can be lucrative if you have a large audience willing to read what you have to say. If you specialize in doing this companies will pay you a good amount of money.

What Are The Things You Should Know For Writing Good copywriter Emails?

This is a little bit more in depth than regular copywriting on Ads. Email marketing copywriting requires you to give value along with being able to market the product the right way.

Below are some things you could do as a copywriter for email marketing:

  • Single emails promoting an affiliate product for your client.
  • Creating an email sequence to keep the list engaged and to increase sales.
  • Writing emails that will change your audience’s perspective on certain things, like a product or service.
  • You need to know how to communicate with your subscribers and be able to engage them through your emails without annoying them.

Above are just a few things to know for email marketing. Keep in mind your job as a copywriter is to write the emails. Don’t get caught up entering in the emails within your email marketing tool because that isn’t what you’re paid to do and it is very time consuming.

Sales Pages

Writing sales pages are another popular form of copywriting. You can get paid to write up a good marketing page for your client’s product/service.

To write a successful sales page you need to know how to create one that can sell the product/service flawlessly while providing value towards the user at the same time.

Sales pages require you to think of the things below:

  • What questions does the customer have that will keep them from buying that if you answer them will make them feel more comfortable about purchasing the product/service?
  • How will you set up your sales page for conversions? (this means how does a potential customer come across the page and what makes them more likely to buy)
  • The value of what you are selling so people see it as high quality.
  • Why is your product better than other products?
  • These are just some things to know when writing sales pages for your clients.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are very important for your business whether you’re selling a product or service. This is where people will buy what you’re selling. Landing page copywriting is writing about the product specifically for that page.

What Are The Things You Should Know For Writing Good Copy?

  • Knowing who your audience is and their needs/wants.
  • Knowing what your product does and who it is for.
  • Being able to explain the benefits of your product or service in simple terms that will grab attention.
  • If you keep these things in mind when writing landing page copy, you should be alright.

This is a little harder than just writing copy to get clicks because your goal is to get potential customers to enter their information.

Website Copy

Website copy is the text on your website that tells people about your brand or site. This text is on your home page, the about page, all product and service pages, and other top-level pages on your site.

What Does It Take To Do Website Copy Properly?

  • You want to set the mood of the website from the beginning because that is what prepares people for everything else that you have to say.
  • You need to know your brand and company inside and out so you can sell them as a whole.
  • The tone of your writing should be professional, informative, and helpful towards the customer.
  • If you do this correctly it will make it a lot easier to write your website copy.

Promotional Video Copy

One of the most popular ways to market a brand is through promotional videos. This is similar to writing sales pages because you’re going to have a script that you will give your client.

For Promotional Video Copy You Will Have To:

  • Write copy in a video script style that is engaging with the customer.
  • Be able to sell– you need to be able to convince people that what your client is offering really works and is worth their money.
  • Writing promotional video copy requires you have a good understanding of how online marketing works, especially when it comes to promotion for brands on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.


We hope this blog post helped expand the amount of services you could potentially offer to your client in the future. All you need is a little bit of copywriting knowledge and you can begin writing in various types of marketing materials!

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Making Money With Copywriting (What You Need To Know)
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