Things Amazons Flex Workers Need to Know About Pay (Questions and Answers)

Amazon Flex is a good way for people to make money in their free time. The idea of a flexible schedule and being their own boss sounds great to many people who are looking for a job.

In this post, we will discuss amazon flex workers pay and related topics you need to know.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a way for people to make extra money using their own vehicle.

It’s an independent contractor position that allows you to be your own boss and set your own schedule, making it great for students or anyone with limited flexibility in their schedules.

What Does an Amazon Flex Driver Do?

As an Amazon Flex driver, you can deliver packages to customers by picking them up from the local warehouse.

You are expected to load your vehicle with as many packages as needed and follow specific routes so that all deliveries will be made on time.

What is The Pay for An Amazon Flex Driver?

Since it’s a position of being an independent contractor, this means no hourly wage but rather payment based off of how many deliveries they make in their shift which could range anywhere between $18-$25 per hour.

This range is determined based on location , distance, and amount of time spent loading your car at the beginning of each shift.

How Does Amazon Flex Determine Pay?

Amazon Flex pays their drivers based off their “block”.

A block is simply a collection of different deliveries which can vary from three to six hours long. The more blocks you complete in a given day, the higher your pay for the day.

The amazon flex app gives you the information about your delivery blocks which allows you to estimate how much you will make per hour.

Keep in mind this doesn’t include customer tips which could increase your hourly rate by a significant amount.

Does Amazon Flex Pay Daily?

Amazon Flex workers don’t get paid daily. They get paid twice per week by direct deposit. The payments are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

A lot of delivery apps allow drivers to do instant pay but Amazon Flex does not. If you want to get paid as soon as possible, I recommend using Uber or DoorDash but be aware that they take a higher percentage of your earnings than Amazon Flex does.

Do I Get Benefits While Working as an Amazon Flex Driver?

Unfortunately, no. Since you are an independent contractor, there is absolutely zero benefits for working as a Flex driver with Amazon.

If you were to work directly through them or receive any type of hourly wage it would be different but that’s not the case here so keep this in mind if you plan on doing this job long term.

Does Amazon Flex Pay For Tolls?

Unfortunately, no. Amazon Flex does not pay for any type of toll fees that you may incur while making deliveries on their platform.

When driving you need to keep this in mind to find out how much you are really making per hour. This way you can decide if doing Amazon flex in your area is worth it.

Does Amazon Flex Pay For Fuel?

Amazon Flex does not pay for your gas or any other type of fuel fees that you may have during a shift.

Since this is an independent contractor position, the driver has to take care of all of these kinds of expenses. This is another thing to keep in mind when determining if it’s worth doing the amazon flex app or not.

Does Amazon Flex Pay More During Holidays?

The short answer is, yes. Amazon flex drivers will make more money during the holidays especially christmas because there is more demand for drivers at those times.

There is also more blocks available every day during those times so you can maximize your earnings.

Does Amazon Flex Pay Overtime?

If an Amazon Flex driver accepts a block and takes longer than expected to deliver the products, they will not receive pay for that time.

The amount listed on their accepted blocks is what they can expect to earn.

This is important because if drivers are only working for a few hours they need to make the most money possible.

This can be done by planning their block accordingly, which means knowing all of the places that amazon sends packages and deliveries so you can drive around those areas first.

Drivers should check out online maps – like Google Maps or Waze – to find routes with available work time in order to plan ahead.

Can You Work For Amazon Flex as a Full Time Job?

For most people Amazon Flex is better as a side hustle or extra income but it can be possible to get good enough at it that you could do this full time.

Keep in mind that the market in your area has to be an excellent one with lots of available jobs on demand.

It is a good idea to pair Amazon flex with another side gig in order to make ends meet. This way if flex gets slow you have other options.

How Do I Sign up to Be an Amazon Flex Worker?

You can sign up to be an Amazon Flex driver by going through the Amazon Flex website and filling out the application.

You will need to provide your name, permanent address, phone number, email address and social security number.

Once you submit that information you should receive a confirmation email within two days letting you know whether or not your submitted information was successful in getting you accepted as an Amazon Flex worker.

Just keep in mind that if there are any issues with your background check then they may reject it before fully completing their investigation into all of the material provided on their site.


With many different side hustles in the gig economy it’s important to learn about the pay of each side gig in order to choose which one is best for you.

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Things Amazons Flex Workers Need to Know About Pay (Questions and Answers)
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