Is Wholesale Real Estate Legit? (Questions Answered)

If you’re looking for a way to make money in real estate without all the hassle of remodeling and managing tenants, wholesale real estate may be the answer. But what is this investment opportunity? And is it really legit? Here we will take a look at these questions and more so that you can decide if wholesale real estate is right for you.

What is wholesale real estate?

Wholesale real estate is a method of buying homes directly from owners, usually at a deep discount. The goal is to not actually buy the property but to sell the contract for the property to another buyer at a higher price.

What is the process of Wholesaling Real Estate?

Find a deal

There are many programs where you could find homes with absentee owners. Reaching out to these people is the best way to find deals. You can also drive for dollars which is driving around and finding properties that look like they aren’t taken care of.

Get The Deal Under Contract

When a potential bargain is discovered, the wholesaler must contact the owner and attempt to get a contract signed. The trick is to see what investors would want to buy the property for therefor they can get the owner to sell it for less.

Sell The Contract

The contract, which is usually a promissory note or deed of trust, can be sold to other investors who are looking for good deals but don’t have time to find them themselves. This allows you earn money on your investment while also allowing someone else get in on the action.

How to find a good deal on wholesaling property

The best way to find properties is to find vacant homes people just want to get off their hands . They might be in foreclosure, or the owner may have inherited it and doesn’t want to deal with it.

The best time to find wholesale deals is during a recession when people are more likely to sell their homes for less than they owe on them.

A good sign the house may be vacant is if the the grass is long and the lanscaping is overgrown.

How to find wholesale real estate investors

The best way is through online forums, for example where you can chat with other people who are interested in the same thing as you. While speaking to them you can make relationships with people who are looking for deals to invest in.

Tips for success in the business of wholesaling properties   

The most important thing is to always keep your name in front of investors and remind them that you have deals.

When getting started, start small by wholesaling a couple houses at a time before expanding into larger projects. This will help you better understand the market and learn how it works so that when you do invest more money, you’ll be confident enough in what you’re doing to make good decisions .

Spend a little bit of money on marketing as you grow:

A way to market would be to get signs that advertise that you will buy homes in cash. Make sure that you get a permit or whatever you would need to get these signs put out where you live, otherwise it could be considered advertising without a license which is illegal.

Get a website:

A way to promote yourself is by using a website, which you can make for little money on wordpress. You could use this site as your own personal portfolio where people can see what other deals you’ve done and how it went so that they will be inspired to work with you because of the success rate.

You can also show current deals you have going on to get people interested in what you’re doing.

Common mistakes when Wholesaling Real Estate

Being impatient:

It takes time to get good at making deals and it’s not going to happen over night. Be patient and keep working at it.

Not enough marketing:

If you’re not bringing in a steady stream of deals, there’s probably an imbalance somewhere that needs to be fixed. It could be the quality or number of leads you have coming your way, but don’t just assume it will fix itself over night. Make sure to look into what is going wrong so that you can make changes as needed.  

Benefits of wholesale real estate

Wholesaling is a great way to make money without all the work of managing tenants who are supposed to pay rent.

It’s also an easy way for people just starting out in real estate finance to gain experience and knowledge. You can start small, finding homes that are vacant or have owners willing to sell at a discount , then build your business up from there as you learn more about what works best for you .   

Disadvantages of wholesale real estate

The only real disadvantage is that you have to do a lot of work yourself, from finding the deals to marketing and getting them off your hands. Once you get things going though it is a great way to build wealth.

How much money does a wholesaler make on each deal?

The wholesaler earns money by charging the customer more than they will get the house under contracted for. How much they earn varies highly depending on the wholesaler, the deal or other factors. Majority of deals are between $2000 and $10000 in profit but some wholesalers can make way more if they get into bigger houses and have a large list of buyers. They can often get buyers to pay higher than their asking prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesaling Real Estate

Can you wholesale real estate in the uk?

In the UK instead of wholesaling people do someting called deal sourcing or deal packaging.

Wholesaling is when you agree to buy a property at a set price, secure it, take it under contract and sell the contract for more and keep the difference.

Deal Packaging is when you agree to buy a property at a price and then package it up and pass it on to a real estate investment company. You get paid upfront and pass the deal on.

Do you have to be a real estate agent to do wholesale?

In order to wholesale, no. You can simply find deals on your own and sell them under contract for more than the price paid without being an actual realtor.

Is wholesale real estate legit?

Yes wholesaling real estate is a very legit side hustle that many people do.

Is wholesale real estate legal in california?

Yes wholesaling real estate in California is legal. You can’t market the house itself once you get it under contract you can only market the contract itself to real estate investors.

Is it possible to wholesale real estate in Canada?/

Yes you can wholesale real estate in Canada but finding deals won’t be as easy as finding a wholesale deal in the U.S!

can you wholesale real estate in australia?

It can be done but wholesaling real estate is not a common practice in Australia.

How long does wholesale real estate take?

People can make their first deal in a week or they could make their first deal in 5 months. Wholesaling real estate deals are something that happen every so often which is why it’s considered a side hustle mostly (although some people do it full time).

How much money do you need to start wholesale real estate?

A lot of people start wholesaling as a side hustle because it allows them to earn extra income without putting in too much money.

Do you have to go to college for wholesale real estate?

Going to school is not necessary to wholesale real estate. There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that never went to highschool or college and are making deals.

Can You Wholesale Real Estate at 17?

Anyone can get into Wholesale Real estate no matter the age. The only problem with doing it at 17 is that people may not take you as seriously in the real estate game when you’re that young.

If you do your due diligence and really focus you can make it happen though.

What Are the best tools to use for real esate wholesaling?


REISift is a marketing softward that helps Wholesalers get more leads in the door.


Carrot creates high converting website templates for wholesalers.

Deal Machine:

Deal machine is a wholesaler alerting software for private investors and real estate agents. It sends automated alerts to your inbox when there’s a new wholesale deal available in your area. It also makes it easier to contact property owners and get the deals under contract.


Call tools is a platform that helps wholesalers find more leads for selling real estate it assists in helping you with making your cold calls to property owners more efficient.

Smarter Contact:

Smarter Contact is a SMS tool that allows you to automatically sned out texts. You can also make calls and skip straight to the voice mail. This is good because it skips over the people who aren’t interested and if they are interested they will call back.


Wholesaling isn’t as easy as some people make it seem and not everyone will be successful. However, if you’re fully committed to making this business work then it is definitely possible!

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Is Wholesale Real Estate Legit? (Questions Answered)
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