Will Instacart Hire You With a Dui? (Explained)

Instacart is one of the best side hustles for anyone that has extra time at night and during the weekend.

In order to get accepted to work for Instacart, you have to be 18, have valid drivers license, be eligible to work in the U.S and pass a background check.

The one thing that’s not clear is if you can work for Instacart, after you’ve had a past DUI.

In this article we will go over if you can do this side hustle after you got caught driving drunk.

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About Instacart

Instacart connects you to customers that need groceries. Using the application, users can sign in, find orders then purchase and deliver goods to their customers.

You have the option of cashing out instantly. Make sure you treat customers well, because you will get higher tips.

What Does Instacart Look For On Background Checks?

Instacart requires you to have a valid drivers license and be over 18.

What Does Instacart Look For When Approaching Employees?

You will need to pass the background check, which includes making sure that you are eligible to work in the U.S., checking your driving record for accidents or DUI’s and running an employment verification to make sure you have a valid Social Security number.

Whats the Deal With Instacart and DUI’s?

I went on the Instacart website to see if there was anything on dui’s and driving for Instacart but I couldn’t find anything.

I realized through the process that Instacart does really reveal their hiring policies to much and that I was going to have to really look into it.

After a lot of searching, I saw some people saying on forums that they got accepted and other saying they weren’t.

There was no consistency in timing or anything.

I downloaded the shopper app and reached out to the shopper help, after three times of trying. This is the answer I received.

So according to the shopper helper that answered my question, he said that as long as you have a license now, a dui in the past shouldn’t be a problem.

My guess is that the people who said they were not accepted had other issues with their background check than their DUI.

I’m not guaranteeing you will get hired, but I definitely think it is worth a try based on the answer I received.

Other Questions

What Background Checker Company Does Instacart use?

The name of the backround check company Instacart uses is Checkr.

Checkr is a company that provides a complete background check for people working in delivery, service or sales.

How Long Does The Background Check Last?

The background check for the applicants, although usually much faster, can last up to 10 days.

Ive seen some people say that they were accepted after just minutes.

Why Is Instacart Waiting So Long To Accept Me?

Some cities have such a high demand for shoppers that there is a line. Cities like New York are good examples of places that may have to wait to give you the job because of the wait list.

Others say that Instacart is taking their time to make sure no one makes any mistakes and also there’s a lot of people applying, so they have to do background checks on everyone before making the decision.

Can I work For Instacart if I Have Criminal History?

Yes you can work for Instacart with a criminal record, but it also depends on the extent of the crime that you committed.

Instacart will assess by a person to person manner.

Does Instacart Run a Credit Check As Well?

No , Instacart does not run a credit check and they also have no reason to.

How Much Money Can You Make With Instacart?

Depending on your location you can expect a pay of around $15-$20 per hour.

Take a look at this article about Instacarts hours.


If you have had a DUI in the past and are looking for extra money, Instacart is one of the jobs you may want to go for.

This job is especially good for you if you like going grocery shopping for food.

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Have you had a dui and work or are trying to work for instacart? Leave a comment below on the experience you’ve had.

If you have other questions about Instacart, visit Indeed.com. The reviews and questions on there will answer a lot of your questions.

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